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Screen shot 2017 02 02 at 10.43.33 pm article

Facebook doesn't need a chief ethics officer

The company needs something much bigger than one new hire...

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Ethics in data project design: It's about planning

The destination and rules of the road are clear; the route you choose to get there makes a huge difference.

Screen shot 2016 09 03 at 8.47.41 am article
The Guardian

The Zuckerberg Files: everything the Facebook CEO has said publicly

Zuckerberg’s use of language invites interesting questions about the relationship between tech luminaries, their products, and – most importantly – the world they are trying to create.

Hands people woman working article
Women 2.0

Tech's Other Diversity Problem: Inclusive Product Design

“Though designers and developers may set out with the best intentions, implicit biases and a lack of foresight generates problems—from racist bots to transphobic dating apps.”

Screen shot 2016 09 03 at 8.52.27 am article

Data Science and Expanding Our Sources of Ethical Inspiration

What kind of ethical commitments might bind those who work with data—for example, researchers, analysts, and (of course) data scientists?

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The Guardian

Facebook has a new process for discussing ethics. But is it ethical?

How does Facebook translate broad ethical values into its decision-making process for research?

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The Guardian

Facebook is worried about users sharing less – but it only has itself ...

Its business model relies on users sharing personal data instead of cat videos, but that is happening less and less – and it’s a devil of Facebook’s own making...

Inside out larb article
LA Review of Books

Hard Feelings — Inside Out, Silicon Valley, and Why...

“MEET THE LITTLE VOICES inside your head,” suggests one of the taglines for Pixar’s latest hit, Inside Out. From the perspective of five discrete emotions, the film follows the struggles of Riley, a preteen girl coping with her family’s cross country move to San Francisco. A critical as......

Brain graphic 001 article

Science Will Not Save Us: Medicine, Research Ethics, and My Transgender Body

“The growing “body of evidence” emerging from biological and medical research, according to some commentators, speaks loudly and clearly: transgender people exist, science says. O…...

Hoffmann mobile article

Reckoning with a Decade of Breaking Things

The Zuckerberg Files and Facebook’s Enduring Contempt for the World...

Alien ship over new york article

Roland Emmerich's "Stonewall": The Leaked Screenplay

We have obtained the screenplay for Roland Emmerich's upcoming movie about the Stonewall riots. There will be blood....